Rog Phone 2 & Android OS updates.

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Hello @CH_ASUS ,

I m currently confused on whether to get zenfone 6 or Rog 2. and one important factor to me is android os update.

So, Can you please ask the devs of The Rog phone 2 whether they will follow the same android os update strategy as the rog phone 1 or the zenfone 6.

Thank you.



  • Hi

    While I am not sure what you specifically mean with "update strategy" - but for 2019 we do really try to step up our efforts on software.

    You can see the result in , for example, the new ZenUI6 - and that this option is also availabvle on the international versions of ROG2.

    More frequent updates for 2019 models

    And, hopefully (our goal), faster major-OS rollouts.

    That being said ; ZenFone 6 launched earlier - and will get Android 10 earlier than ROG2. How far behind ROG2 will be - I cant really say at this point. Hopefully not long.

    Although, if it was me making the choice between these two phones, I would look more into the spec/size differences between the two as they cater also to different needs.

  • Zenfone 5z first or asus rog 2? Who will get first the Android Q update pls reply CH ASUS

  • Pls reply CH ASUS

  • Thank you for the reply.

    I actually prefer the rog 2 over zenfone 6. But going through the forum i ve seen many rog 1 users complaining about being stuck on android oreo which made me worried as I care about android os updates. So i wanted to know if this will be the same for rog 2.


  • ROG1 will be updated to Pie.

    ROG2 will be updated to Q.

    As for timeschedules, I dont have anything to share - but ideally ROG2 will be updated faster than ROG1's own timeline (relatively speaking).

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    In fact, you can tell them the truth that Android Q will be available with rog phone 3... How bad that sounds? Just as bad as we rog phone 1 owners feel....


  • It's a joke they don't have the intention to upgrade as soon as possible. They got our cash and sold it with saying it will get android pie soon when it came out. Just as sales talk that's all.

    The damage is done, and Asus showed where they are good and bad at.

    They are probably now focus on making ROG phone 3.

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    Asus Team, As you know, Post sale support is very important for all the product for the brand to grow in the market. For Mobile phones, update is very much important. You should concentrate on providing updates faster as like Oneplus. I used one of your mobile phone in the past and I changed to Oneplus 5. One plus is providing updates more faster and they provide ETA for all their future updates. Now I'm interested to buy ROG phone 2 but I'm worrying about the updates from ASUS. It seems, ROG Phone 1 not received android Pie yet. sounds bad.

  • Don't buy rog phone. I had it for 6 months and due to bad amoled and bad service I got a new Oneplus 7 pro. I'm already on android 10. I'll never buy asus phones. All they do is make fake promises.

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    Good for you

    Rog 2 is a great deal tho

    And I've been happy with my 5z so far

  • I believe rog phone 2 is Asus's flagship phone. And after paying the amount of cash that you pay on a flagship phone, most people will expect promising updates on their phone. I was excited with the features with the features of ROG phone 2.but unfortunately if it's not going to be updated as the competing other flagship phones from other vendors, I won't buy it. Perhaps you may want to invest more into updates and more people buy this awesome phone. After all it's a shame that a beast like this is going to stay in Android P for long.

  • ทำมัยเวลาจะถ่ายวีดีโอถึงขึ้นข้อความ ข้อผิดพลาดวีดีโอไม่ทำเสร็จ เเล้วถ่ายวีดีโอไม่ได้ ไม่รู้จะทำอย่างไรคับ

  • Asus thought just releasing phone with OnePlus 7T will satisfy customers .. Software updates are important too, if not speedier than least relatively better software updates are needed...

  • how about rog phone 2 tencent version, will it get an update too? even for android 10? @CH_ASUS

  • ASUS provide variety of phones in a year but OnePlus release one or two device so OnePlus can provide updates faster than ASUS. ASUS has to work on multiple models so they are taking more time than OnePlus on releasing updates.

    @asus however, you need to work on providing updates even faster than now.

  • ASUS can't deliver updates. What use is for ROG 1 buyers to update to Pie? They don't want Pie anymore. By the time ASUS really succedes with Pie, Google will release Android 11. Get used to it or buy a portable console.

  • Don't get me wrong. I had the old Zenfone 5, then Zenfone 2, then Zenfone 3, then Rog Phone. I loved Asus products because I have a lot of other PC parts from them. But in mobile... They lost the battle.

    A flagship phone like ROG or ROG 2 without fast updates and without simple options like Volte... Not really a MOBILE phone without Volte isnt't it?

  • I recent buy mu rog phone 2, comming from s10+. But 9 months for a New android update is very bad for a top tier smartphone.

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    It amazes me how they are just ignoring this issue. ATT literally will stop activating non-VoLTE phones soon and shut down their entire 3G by 2022, but before then they are slowly taking down towers, minimizing coverage. TMobile is throttling 3G and limiting its broadband so they can continue to focus on Band 12 towers that have no 2g/3g.

    They spend all this money to design these 2 awesome phones, just to not support them in the slightest after release. I hope an ASUS Rep does read this, because it is absolutely a joke that you are selling a phone in the US that you KNOW is not going to work with US carriers and that you KNOW you will never provide proper security and OS updates.

  • Hello Asus, please reply my answer... i am holding a ROG 2 Tencent Edition, my question is "will tencent version will also get android 10 update or not?" Because i have seen from many source and they are only mentioning "international version" @asus @CH_ASUS @TITAN @Kris_ASUS

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