[Clarified] LED notification is not working!

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I had the normal zenphone 6 short time ago and gave it back because the LED notification with my messenger was working only after a factory reset with a fresh installed telegram messenger app.It stops working immediatly completly when I install whatsapp or any other app like gmx email.

I am NOT talking about choosing the color of the LED notification. I am talking that the LED notification is not working at all.

Now I have the zenphone 6 edition 30

I find the same bug!!! I searched around and found this problem is not new for asus phones , it exist since years!

It is so annoying!!!!

Why is ASUS not capable to delivery such a simple function?

I am thinking about returning my phone again and stay with samsung note again.


  • Did you try messing around with notification settings? There are LED related settings.

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    Thank you reminding me of the basics.

    But believe me I tried already everything. And of course LED notification ist ON and of course I need LED notification when screen is OFF.

    And -as I wrote before- it is a factory reseted brand new phone . Telegram LED notification is working first moment. I activate my email app or whatsapp and nothing is working anymore.

    LED is only noticeable when my zenphone 6 is charging. SUPER !

    DNB parameters - what is that?

    call and message? hundreds hits with that search in playstore - please try to find THAT app with That information ;-)

  • I got it !

    Amazing reason and easy solution.

    The Zenphone is not working properly with the standard setting of telegram showing a BLUE LED light as LED notification and other apps together.


    In the Telegram app settings "Notifications and Sounds" and then "Private Chats" you can choose "LED Color".

    It is working with white, green, yellow and red color - cyan is showing green color , purple is showing red color

    but with the blue LED setting the zenphone 6 shows NOTHING!

    Why this blue LED was working with a fresh initialized or factory reset zenphone - who am I to know that? Fact is the LED function is not working as it should. With my Samsung note9 or any other phone I NEVER experienced a problem with LED notifications.

    => ASUS should eliminate this annoying BUG !

  • As far as I know, Zenfone 6 doesn't have blue LED so I don't know how did you manage to see it.

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    Nice spotting. We'll debug a bit ourselves as well and pass it to the devs as a topic for improvement.

  • I was talking about the LED notification settings "blue" in telegram


    With a fresh initialized asus zenphone 6 telegram LED notification shows a GREEN blinking LED - but later it shows no notification anymore. You have to adjust that color manually to another color to get the LED notification back.

    Was that now excact enough ? ?

    Maybe one of the 200 million telegram user owns a zenphone 6 and need that info till asus is finally eliminating that BUG....

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