[Fixed] Asus Rog Phone II couldn't record any video



  • I have same problem

  • Thank you very much guys

  • Delete Google memory & cache, and disable Google now worked for me.

    Also if you start as Safe mode, it works fine without do anything, that means there is a conflict with another app (mainly Google it seems...)

  • I just cleared both of this just what you said and it worked for me... Thank you guys i can record video again ?

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    I also have the same problem. I just bought my Asus RoG phone 2 yesterday in Thailand. Everything was great until I tried to take a video. The same error occured.

    And then I tried the solution mentioned above and it worked perfectly? What happened? What was in the Google storage which was keeping us from taking videos and was removed then it worked perfectly?

  • I download a third party camera app from Google play, just use that for video and it works . And today I was playing around with the original camera, and the video recording works again . I don't know how that happen but it works fine now. Just Try!

  • @CH_ASUS you moderator right? Can u guys make an update that will make change the TENCENT GLOBAL version to Original Tencent version,Can u do that or just told the ASUS corporation? Sorry just an adjust im new ASUS user :)....

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    I have a same problem in slo-mo ,it won't shows error instead it show blank blinking screen

  • We can't help you flash the WW firmware back to CN on the Tencent model, the risk of damaging your device is too high.

  • Nope it's actually caused by the voice search function. Just disable voice match setting and video recording works again.

  • just disable voice search (voice match)

    i have ROG 2 tencent 8gb ram i disabled voice match my video recording started working

  • Boa tarde! Tbm estou com esse problema, restaurei câmera e fiz a limpeza do Google e nenhuma das duas formas resolveram... Alguém me ajuda? Moro no Brasil e comprei pela net, veio da China...

    Solução por favor...

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    Estou com o mesmo problema, nada resolveu, gostaria de saber se você consegue usar o google maps sem estar no wi-fi, só com o 4g, seu YouTube funciona no 4g tbm?

    Eu não estou conseguindo, quando entro nos servicos do google ele diz que estou sem internet, mas navego normal.

    Quando eu entro no google maps, configurações, configurar localização no google e em serviços de localização eu clico em compartilhamento de local do google ele não carrega sem estar no wi-fi, meu 4g funciona perfeitamente

  • I also have this problem when using the mobile network.

  • Wow. It worked thanks!

  • i am from india, and this is my device information. facing the same error while trying to record video from camera or whatsapp.

    Tried resettinggoogle app settings as well as camera preferences.

    please help.

  • My video recording is not working on my phone i tried to clear the cache and the data from google but nothing worked. I also already diabled voice match. Please help

  • Well i somehow fixed it by going to safe mode and then went back to the normal mode and some how it worked.

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    Turn Off Your Bluetooth And it should work fine its a BUG. 😎

    Can i become a beta tester pls ?

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