Zenfone 6 vibrates constantly without any notifications.

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Since a couple of days ago my phone has started to constantly and irregularly vibrate as if I got a notification. This starts to happen as soon as I unlock the phone and goes on until I lock it again. Aprox 5-40 vibrations a minute. It is very annoying as it stops the sound of music and videos every time it vibrates.

There are no damages to the phone (it is kept in a really sturdy case). The phone is updated to the latest version.

Please help!!

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  • kikolykikoly Level 6
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    Enter "safe mode", if the phone vibration is still not normal, it is recommended to take the test to the service center.

  • this happened to me too. every time i moved or shook the phone it would vibrate. restarted the phone and that fixed it.

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