(WW Firmware - French Network) Mobile data and Play Services are ruining my battery life

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Any upcoming fix ?


  • Salut, ça a toujours été comme ça sur mes appareils Android, néanmoins Google Play services ne "draine" pas ma batterie, c'est juste qu'elle est majoritairement responsable de sa décharge ...

    Certains diront que désactiver la reconnaissance vocale Ok Google peut aider.


    Your battery seems normal, Google Play services used to be the big user of the battery. I've got the same graphic on my phone.

  • Merci pour ta réponse l'ami !

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    If it says that you have used your device for 2 days and 3 hours, then there's nothing wrong. The percentage of Google Services and Mobile Network is not accurate and doesn't reflect reality so don't put so much attention to those numbers. What matters is how much you've been able to use your phone.

    If you're worried that there is something wrong with your battery or software, then please run a battery test with PC Mark at 50% brightness (with adaptive brightness turned off) and then I can tell you if the time is good or not.

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