Call screen improvisation

shyamprabhu_gshyamprabhu_g Level 2
edited September 2020 in ZenFone 6


I have a couple of suggestions to improve the call screen aesthetically.

  1. The call hold option is hidden in a more menu rather than the in-call screen. It would be easier to have all the required controls in the in-call screen laid out directly instead of hiding in a sub menu. It improves ease of use. Also, it does not make sense to have only the hold option to be hidden in the more menu. Why to hide if that's the only remaining button to be displayed on the call screen?
  2. The dialpad has too many lines and is an eye sore. There are lines underscoring every digit in the dialpad in the in-call screen. I wish I could ignore it but it looks like a kindergarten school kid's note. It would be much better if those lines are removed. I appreciate Asus for displaying a plain grey background instead of colorful abstract pictures. The plain grey background provides a neutral and a decent looking call screen but the lines are a mess.

I know that these points are purely aesthetic and causes no major concern. I even doubt that it would be changed in the future releases. Nevertheless, I just wanted to pass on the feedback so that it might be considered to be changed at least in the next major version of ZenUI (may be ZenUI 7 with Android 10?).


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