Battery decrements by 2% at a time

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For example if battery is currently at 50% , it will decrement to 49% and then to 48% shortly if not immediately.


  • I am also experiencing the same behaviour battery drains 2% at a time for example when it is on 50% it will directly drop to 48% missing the 49% mark

  • What firmware version are you running? Have you experienced any changes in overall battery life, or just the visible percentages?

  • I wouldnt call this an “issue”. Whenever this happens (it does), you can clearly notice for eg that the phone remains at 50% for a much longer time than usual (usual for 1%)

  • So you're saying that the phone has the same battery life as past FW versions, but seems to have some kind of battery percentage display error? Within 1-2% of accurate but not ticking down at a correct rate?

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    My phone is doing the same, battery for example stays at 70% for 20 minutes then drops for 69% and a few seconds later is at 68%. I'm running .191

  • This was there since previous firmwares as well. Most of the times its accurate, just a few such instances occur

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    I'm on .191 version. I've noticed the SOT got reduced, but I'll confirm again to make sure it is a recurring issue. I've disabled the double tap camera feature and I use a very limited set of apps so I haven't installed any new apps.

    Also, in my other thread I've mentioned that I had my google assistant turned off on long press home in the previous versions but in the .191 version it was re-enabled and I couldn't find the option to remap the gesture to do nothing. Maybe the assistant is always active in the background causing battery drain?

  • I'm unaware of whether Google Assistant is always on or not, but I can double check.

    I'll forward the feedback from this thread about the battery percent indicators to the developers. Thanks all!

  • Google Assistant appears to be disabled by default. You can turn it on within the Google app, under "Voice Match" and "Access with Voice Match". But if you're worried about battery life probably better to leave it off.

    I'm not sure why you're still seeing decreased battery life even after unmapping Google Assistant.

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    The battery consumption seems fine as I got 9hrs SOT over 3 days. I had charged the phone to 92% and it is still over 10%

  • Would you all say that this is more likely to happen around 50% battery because I just stared at my battery status going from 90-88 while watching YouTube in 1080P at full brightness and it took about the same time for each 1% drop.

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    I checked for some time and the issue replicated at 91%, 60% as well as 15%. This usually occurs when/after using cpu and gpu intensive applications.

  • Ok, lets test in the same way and see what happens.

    I ran Antutu Stress Test at full brightness with the following results. 88% 2m 27s, 87% 2m 02s, 86% 2m 07s, 85% 2m 1s

    I don't know why the first % lasted a little longer. Maybe the stress test was less intense during that % but you can see it's pretty stable.

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    So I logged the battery percentages with the help of batteryLog application from the playstore. As you can see in the screenshot I was able to replicate the 2% battery drop. I have also attached the log in .xlsx format with more readings where you can find multiple instances where the battery drops 1% within few minutes. Also at row 68 when I charged the mobile the temperature reached 42 degree, is that normal?

  • @Anders_ASUS

    My phone battery is draining fast i guess 3 hours sot battery percentage from 100 it went down to 52 percentage 3 hours of screen on time i have lost around 48 percentage do u think it is normal?

  • It isn't. Tbh when I was playing mortal kombat on my phone it didn't lose that much over 3 hours. Something's draining your battery.

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    It's hard to say anything about this log without having a more complete log with what apps that were active. But I can say this, no battery meter on any phone is linear. A lot of phone have 100% for a really long time and then it can drop really fast from 15% to 5% and then last really long again. Watch any battery life comparison video of newly installed phones running the same apps and you will see this behavior. This in combination with changing consumption from apps will look like this.

    Kill your apps and deny any app that you don't trust 100% from auto restarting using power master and auto-start manager

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