Any UK Carriers that support VoLTE?

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Has anyone had any luck enabling VoLTE on any UK carriers? I've really like this feature and I'll be changing network at the end of the month and would really like to start using it!




  • I don't believe we have VoLTE with any current UK carrier as it can be a long process. Which one are you most interested in? I can check with our UK office.

  • Ideally the iD network or failing that three (iD is an mvno of three).



  • Any news on this? It's turning into a deal breaker for me now as I get practically no signal at home. Most other manufacturers support this and WiFi Calling, they are really common features and since everyone else manages it I'm sure it can't be that hard to get working! You'd think a company as large as Asus could get this right!

  • Don't expect us to solve this anytime soon. First, a discussion between the carrier and ASUS needs to take place, then the carrier needs to show interest in supporting our phone. After this, there needs to be successful field testing and only then will it be enabled for everyone. The process takes months

  • So many other manufacturers manage this. Just look at the list on the ee page:

    If the likes of Doro, OnePlus and OPPO can manage it, why can't ASUS? I can only guess that the answer is that ASUS don't care enough about the UK market to bother.

  • On my OnePlus 5, i activated something via a specifical software, and VoLTE started working..

    Why doesnt' ASUS have that certification in Vodafone Portugal?!

  • Asus? Why bother selling a phone in a market when it doesn't fully support it? Very very disappointed. Never again

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    These phones are either very popular or sold by EE. They are not selling ASUS. Simple explanation. Doro might not be big but they are the only option for old people. Oppo is one if the worlds biggest phone brands and OnePlus have had a bigger presence for a longer time than ASUS. Hopefully we will reach the tipping point when carriers want to sell our phones. Then we will get their support as well

  • All of my older Xiaomi phones have had functional VoLTE with Telia in Sweden.

    Mi Max1, Mi Note 2, Mi Mix1

    None of these have ever been sold officially by anyone in Sweden, neither the operators nor other stores.

    All I had to do was use the code to disable the operator check and it started working.

    There is something else going on here besides getting official approval with the operators.

  • I'm on EE in the UK and like cobben above have enabled VoLTE on a previous Xiaomi phone which was never sold or supported by EE. I have yet to find a way to enable VoLTE on my Rog Phone 2 and I've tried a fair few things and called the carrier but no luck yet.

    Is there anyway to get this resolved, do the carriers have a certification programme or something that we can request them to do for this phone and also get VoWiFi enabled too as I use that feature quite a bit?

  • Anders_asus you said this in another thread: (

    Because it can create issues when it is not optimized by us and your operator. We can discuss internally if it should be possible to enable it with a warning text.

    Is this still being discussed?

  • Yes, it's technically possible to enable VoLTE on any smartphone like others here have done with their Xiaomi phones but we don't want to do that because it can create a lot of issues. People will enable it and it might work perfectly most of the time but when it doesn't, then they're not going to remember that it could be because they forced VoLTE. In a worst case scenario they might not be able to call for an ambulance if there are VoLTE issues at the wrong moment.

  • Could this not be an option, similar to unlocking the bootloader, with a disclaimer saying that ASUS have no responsibility if it doesn't work? I currently cannot make phone calls in my home because there is no wifi calling and I cannot use my satnav if i'm on a phone call because of the lack of VoLTE so I will have to choose a different manufacturer when I really don't want to. I firmly believe that this phone is by far the best in class and really don't want to have to give it up just because it lacks a couple of features that are enabled by other manufacturers.

    I am not suggesting that this should be something that is enabled for all users of the phone but allowing it for users that are technical enough to understand the risks involved would certainly make a lot of your customers happy.

  • Well this is something that is still being discussed. Some of us think it's ok to solve it they way you propose and others thinks its irresponsible if we allow it. It's a long discussion that will not be over anytime soon.

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    What is irresponsible is releasing a phone and not enabling VoLTE and VoWiFi, leaving people without a way to make calls at all. I'm in Germany and when I'm at my parents' place, I can not make any calls at all without VoWiFi. Also, as 5G is being rolled out, 3G will likely be turned down majorly, leaving everyone without the ability to make calls without VoLTE.

  • We hear you. It's an ongoing discussion. VoLTE is currently not available but that doesn't mean that it never will.

  • There is potentially an unsupported way by rooting your phone and changing the build.prop. I'd give it a go but i'm in the 10 beta so I can't unlock my bootloader!

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