Can we relock the bootloader

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I was a user of OnePlus and I believed unlocking and relocking the boot loader is easy but in my Zenfone it's to a next level I don't understand one thing I came to Asus has shipped its phones to developers to test their phones and build custom roms and kernel etc but why Asus is not allowing to relock the bootloader. I am really confused in the way the rules are I believe the freedom of Android stays with the way you can optimise and tweak your phone but I am suprised to see I can't relock it again if I need to go back to stock to get rid of annoying message.

If anyone knows how to relock it or I request the asus moderators to let me know why they are not allowing even Google themselves allow to relock the devices back why cant we I feel we should have that freedom that can change the opinion of people on Asus.


  • I too saw the description in Asus website, where they provide a tool for unlocking the bootloader, that once the bootloader is unlocked, it cannot be relocked. I was surprised to see that. I had unlocked and relocked bootloaders as and when I wish with my previous phones (including the older Asus Zenfone 5 with Intel chipset). Anyways, I have no idea of unlocking the bootloader at least for the next 1 year till my warranty expires. So, I did not give much attention to the relocking aspect. But, I too feel that bootloader relocking should be up to the wish of the user. Or is it just a miscommunication in Asus website that it cannot be relocked?

    @Anders_ASUS @CH_ASUS @LP_ASUS Could you please clarify?

  • In the EU it is illegal to decline a warranty service only because the bootloader is unlocked, so ASUS's statement is not valid worldwide. The company will have to prove that device has been damaged solely by altering software (trying to OC/OV, bricking by repartitioning etc.). I wrote to Asus E-shop to get information whether they will accept repair once the bootloader is unlocked with or without legal problems. I didn't get any reply.

  • Thanks a lot shyamprabhu and colorsage I really appreciate your willingness to support let's get a solution to this.

  • Maybe this is a bit offtopic but unlike few manufacturers (Google, Samsung) unlocking the bootloader in Zenfone 6 will result in Widevine downgrade from L1 to L3. HD streaming in Netflix etc will be unavailable. I just want you to know. Other than that I see no reason why relocking is unavailable.

  • First download the fastboot tool, the phone is turned off, press and hold the volume and power button until the fastboot mode text appears. Then plug in the usb cable to connect to the computer, the computer command: fastboot oem asus-back, if the phone does not reboot, then fastboot reboot Let the phone reboot to clear the data, then the phone is re-locked.

  • Thank you very much @kikoly. Has anyone tried this? I can't understand much of that link even though I translated it. Does it recover FOTA update function? I also guess there is no way to keep DRM mechanisms.

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    If you have already unlocked it, you will need to use the manual method if you want to update the new firmware in the future. If the machine serial number has been removed from the FOTA server, it may need to be manually updated even if it is relocked.

    If you have any questions, you can try to ask shakalaca. I don't know much about this.

    You can ask in the post below,or use the forum private message.

  • Thanks a lot kikoly that was helpful I really appreciate that

  • You are too polite,That I have the impression I have seen similar discussions,so helped find it out.

  • hey, where can i get this fastboot tool im a little bit braindead hahah need help step by step :/

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    Then you shouldn't have unlocked it in the first place if you don't know what you're doing. Google it, it's multiplatform.

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