battery life is bad on my ZenFone 6 (2019)



  • I wish there was a fix that fixes this battery problems. I can't even reach 6 hours SOT anymore.

    but it can last 2 days without using it much. I don't know if it is apps that are wasting my battery life.

  • If you put your phone in flight mode over night and you're not losing more than 1% per hour of sleep, then it could evidence of that you have an app that wakes your phone a lot to sync data.

    If this is the case, then go in to settings -> Battery -> PowerMaster -> Auto-start manager and deny auto-start to all apps that you suspect could drain your phone in the background. After this you kill all apps and then you only start one or two of the apps that you have denied to auto start. If battery life has improved, then you start one more of the apps that you denied auto start. Continue in this way until you find the app that drains your battery.

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    Yes, problem is in the background apps, do you have apps what sync data, like twitter, facebook, messengers and so on? I have force disabled lots of these system apps what Asus was bundlet to the rom and my battery really keep these % up and long :)

    And display brightness is always somewhere at 70%, volume is 50%...

    5000mah, this is just great :)

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    maybe I think it was apps that was wasting my battery life.

    I reached 7 hours SOT and over 2 days after I disabled some apps from running in background.

  • Firstly, no offence to anyone here.

    There must be something wrong with my Zenfone 6 8gb/256gb, I get around 2 full days battery from mine with average use. I have screen on time of about 10hrs voice recording of about 7hrs a day 2-3hrs of calls and 2hrs of Sudoku!

    Battery life is the best I’ve had on a smartphone.

    Running Android 10 and latest UK update on EE network. Airplane mode on during the night.

    Sorry to hear abut the ops issues.

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