battery life is bad on my ZenFone 6 (2019)



  • Consultez le détail de la conso' de batterie, c'est une aide très précieuse pour savoir qui est responsable de la décharge !

    = See what the battery consumption says, it should reveal which app or feature use your battery, you should do that after a full charge !

  • J'ai perdu 4% en quelques minutes sans faire grand chose

    Je l'ai charge a fond ce matin avant de partir et a nouveau a 21h... Je n'ai aucune application non approuvée seulement WhatsApp Spotify Facebook internet et les mails c'est très étrange

  • C'est mon 3 ème téléphone Android j'ai toujours eu le même usage et pourtant mon téléphone sony de 2010 consomme beaucoup de moins de batterie avec un usage encore plus intensif (vidéos YouTube par exemple)

    Comment puis je résoudre mon problème ?

  • Sorry for my french guys ! Said bellow that I had to charge my ZenFone 6 limited edition twice today and already Lost 4% without doing anything

    Btw i check if other app could be open but did not find anything

    What should i do ?

    My daily intensive use is :

    8am fully charged

    Between 9 and 11 mix of WhatsApp Facebook like 45min -1h and 10-30 min game like sims city

    One hour of Spotify

    And a bit Reading e-mails

    4g no WiFi

    Light 80%

    Battery into"economy mode"

    And around 1 pm i have most of the time 10% left

  • Maybe the battery needs a little bit of calibration

    You'd be fine after 2-3 charge cycles

    Also do uodate it to the latest firmware

  • when I check in settings , I do not see any apps using more power, I guess Mobile network standby is using more power in background.

  • Already did about 10 charges cycles

    This morning lost 10% with just spotify on and headphone everything else is closed

    Loosing my mind....

  • With this kind of usage i have ate least 70% battery left, i don't use economy mode, something is draining your battery

  • I have done some tests and realized that Spotify uses a lot of battery, in my case it drains 5/6% hour with the screen turned off, as an example one hour of YouTube with the brightness at 40% uses around 6% of baterry.

  • 4 hours of PUBG or other similar highly intensive task??

  • I did not downloaded any powerfull App

  • I tried everything nothing worked for me..

    How does it works to get refund ?

  • battery life is not good on my zenfone 6 too, after I full charge, it start counting down so fast from 99%, but I managed to get 6 hours SOT and 2 days standby.

  • With just bluetooth on and two vidéos of YouTube i went from 100% to 87% in less than a hour

    It is such a shame from Asus to sell phone for 800€ limited édition and not working at all !

  • I charge in 1 and a half days at the earliest. The usual hold time is 48 hours. I'm a regular user. It is clear that youtube, spotify etc. plunder the battery. That's on all phones. Further bluetooth, wifi search, GPS positioning

  • I did not use the phone so much, maybe that is why it reached two days standby. however I can not see any app which is using lot of power. maybe mobile network standby is secretly wasting my battery in background.

  • Bought this phone cuz my Xperia Z1 Sony was out of battery at thé end of the day and now with the ZenFone 6 and the exaclty same using of the phone i have to charge it way more than my 4 years old phone

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    There's a easy way to find out if there is something wrong with your battery. When you go to sleep. Don't connect the charger. Instead, put your phone in flight mode. If you have lost more than 1% per hour of sleep when you wake up, then we can investigate your device.

  • I give night mode that turns on 22:00 - 05:00 and in that time loses only 1 percent of the battery, otherwise the phone lasts 2 days without a charger.

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