Anyone facing camera heating when you shoot video from front ?

KarmaGunzKarmaGunz Level 1
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It's been only three days and I realised #Asus6Z camera heats up like crazy. Please let me know if you people are facing the same issue or this is a defect in the camera.


  • I had the same problem, phone always very hot under minimal usage but since i updated to version 191 the phone doesn’t heat like before. In my case the problem was solved with the update.

  • VS-KRVS-KR Level 4
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    Please note that the Flip Camera is made of metal. Physically, this material has a higher thermal conductivity than glass or plastic. It means that you'll easily feel warm on that part of the phone.

    Any electronic components will heat. The warm dissipation will also depend on the way the components fit inside that little mechanic, and this is decided by engeeners normally ...

  • To add to VS-KR comment. If you record in 4K, then it will get hot and if you record in 4K with EIS, then it will get VERY hot but it's by design, so no need to worry.

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